What is CBD?

CBD is just one of more than 100 cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, THC, CBN, etc.) found in the hemp plant. It is non-intoxicating and known for supporting the body and mind through the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Is Hemp the same as CBD?

Essentially, yes, but also no. Hemp contains high amounts of CBD. It is important to understand that raw hemp extracts contain much more than just CBD. It is believed that the more parts of the raw hemp plant that end up in your final product, the greater the benefits will be. Full-Spectrum Hemp is the cream of the crop because it contains multiple cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds found naturally occurring in the plant, including a small amount of THC. Taking all of these together is known as ‘the entourage effect’ and studies have shown it to be more beneficial than just CBD alone.

Why would I smoke or vaporize Hemp?

Smoking or vaporizing hemp and CBD is just another way to get the compounds into your body. Smoking and vaporizing are seen as the fastest way to get cannabis into your system, as your body does not have to process the hemp through your digestive system. Your body also receives a higher amount of cannabinoids through smoking or vaping compared to eating.

Is Hemp the same as Marijuana (Weed)?

No. Hemp and marijuana are similar in look, smell, and taste, but have one very big difference: the amount of ∆9 THC. By Federal Law (USDA Farm Bill of 2018) hemp cannot contain more than 0.3% ∆9 THC. In comparison, most marijuana today contains ∆9 THC amounts of 15-35%.

Will I fail a drug test after using Hemp?

Short answer, yes. Long answer, maybe. Hemp contains trace amounts of THC. If you consume a full-spectrum hemp product, you should plan to fail a drug test for THC. There are ‘THC Free’ and ‘Zero THC’ hemp products known as ‘Isolates’ or ‘Broad-Spectrum’ Hemp on the market. You are much less likely to fail if you are using products that contain no THC, but there will never be a 100% guarantee. We always recommend to error on the side of caution.

What is the difference between Full-SpectrumBroad-Spectrum, and Isolate?

Full-Spectrum means that it contains all of the available cannabinoids, and terpenes including CBD and THC. Broad-Spectrum means that it contains multiple cannabinoids, and terpenes without THC. Isolate means it contains only one specific cannabinoid (CBD, CBG, etc.) and nothing else (no THC).

What is Live Resin and Rosin?

These are both types of extractions of the hemp plant.

True Live Resin is created only using freshly cut or frozen hemp plants. Traditionally, dried and cured hemp does not qualify as live resin. The fresh plant extraction of Live Resin preserves a high terpene content (taste and smell). Live resin is done with Hydrocarbon Extraction equipment (Propane or Butane). Hemp Live Resin contains between 3-5% THC and therefore a finished hemp products made to vape or smoke by law can only contain a maximum of 10% Hemp Live Resin in them to stay within the 0.3% Total THC limit. Edible and topical hemp products can be made using all live resin.

Rosin is an extraction of the hemp plant using only heat and pressure. Rosin is highly rated because it does not use any harsh solvents that can potentially remain in the final product. When done correctly Rosin will preserve terpenes and essential parts of the plant that would otherwise be destroyed through traditional distillation. Again, Hemp Rosin contains 2-5% THC and therefore finished hemp products made to vape or smoke by law can only contain a maximum of 10% Hemp Rosin in them to remain within the 0.3% total THC rule. Edible and topical hemp products can be made using all rosin.

What is the difference between Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid?

These terms, in a broad sense, equate to the effect that the strain has when you consume it.  Sativa is known to be uplifting or energizing; Indica is known to make you tired or more ‘chill’; while Hybrid has a blend of both.

What is the difference between Botanical Terpenes and Hemp-Derived (Cannabis) Terpenes?

Terpenes are essentially the majority of the smell and taste of the plant. Hemp-Derived (Cannabis) Terpenes are extracted directly from the hemp plant and are very expensive. Botanical Terpenes are naturally derived from non-hemp plants (oranges, pine trees, pepper, etc.) and mimic classic weed strains.

Do you deliver or ship in discreet packaging?

Yes we do deliver discreetly, we offer fast and secured delivery locally (within 24 hours) and  shipping is discreet, secured and 100% guaranteed. Package is triple vacuum sealed and stealth such that no scent could be perceived and thus there is no issues receiving package. All orders are shipped from our warehouses in Distribution Centers.

How long does Delivery/shipping Takes?

We offer same day delivery locally and we ship to other states.  Delivery/shipping is discreet, secured and 100% guaranteed. Once you place your order do send us a text with your order number so we can quickly process your order for home delivery, office delivery or shipping. 

Can I trust Easy Cannabis Mart Dispensary ?

We believe in full transparency and the following licenses are available to the public upon request:

Yes you can trust us, we are 100% legitimate and fully certified with authorization and our main goal is to provide both Medical and Recreational Cannabis. 

What age do I need to be to purchase from Easy Cannabis Mart Dispensary?

The minimum age to purchased products on this website is 18 years old. There is no signature upon delivery required for this. Age verification software will be used during checkout to verify your age. All vapes are now age restricted to 21 and now require a person age 21 to sign upon delivery, which adds $7 to each vape order. This is to comply with the PACT act. Age verification software will validate your age during purchase and a 21 and older government issued I.D. is required to receive any vape orders.

How do you take payment ?

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